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2444 Marker Point Lane
Denver, NC 28037


Smithstone Real Estate for sale in Denver NC

Beautiful Custom with Great Floorplan in Excellent Location!

  • 4 Bed • 3.5 Bath • Bonus Room
  • 3,747 Sq. Ft. • 2 Car Side Load Garage • MLS® #3277148
  • Enjoy living in the friendly and convenient Smithstone Subdivision in Denver NC

What Sellers love about this home:

  • Smithstone subdivision
  • Private cul-d-sac location
  • Close to clubhouse and pool
  • Spacious master bedroom
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Granite Counters
  • Gas log fireplace
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Airy open floor plan
  • Quick 35 minutes to the heart of Charlotte

2444 Marker Point Ln. Description

Beautifully crafted custom built home sits on a quiet cul-d-sac, within walking distance to the refreshing community pool! (Just in time for Summer!) You’ll love living at Smithstone, a friendly Lake Norman community. Experience the open floorplan, offering bright natural light from the large windows throughout. Enjoy warm hardwood flooring, granite counters & the tall half-vaulted ceiling in the great room! Don’t miss the huge master bedroom suite on the main level with a generously sized master bath. Live like luxury! Entertain your guests on the expansive private deck, and use the large green yard for all the fun you can think of!

Upstairs you’ll find three bedrooms and a very useful large bonus room featuring an office nook as you enter. Imagine the uses for this space! Altogether, 2444 Marker Point Lane is a lovely place to call home! Must come take a look!

Let the Cinematic video and pictures tell this story.

Area Information

The Denver North Carolina real estate market has been experiencing tremendous growth in the past few years. The Smithstone waterfront subdivision represents what people love about Denver: proximity to Lake Norman, easy access to Charlotte via HWY 16, convenience to local restaurants and grocery WITHOUT the traffic experienced elsewhere, and most of all a friendly atmosphere. In the Smithstone community, you’ll regularly see people strolling down the sidewalks enjoying the fresh air as the sun prepares to set. In the warmer months, the huge pool provides refreshment and relaxation for the hot summer days, giving community homeowners the access without the maintenance of a personal pool. Looking for more activities? Enjoy playing golf or tennis by joining the Westport Golf and Tennis Club, just a few minutes away. Right across business 16 you’ll find increasingly popular restaurant options such as Joey’s Fine Food and Pizza, Mazatlan (Mexican Restaurant), and Pomodoro’s (Italian Restaurant). Ask the neighbors, you’ll love this neighborhood!

Full Address: 2444 Marker Pointe Lane, Denver, NC 28037

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Or Call (704)584-9781 Mike Toste Real Estate Agent/Broker 9901 West Catawba Avenue Suite 104, Cornelius, NC 28031

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2444 Marker Point Lane





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