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The Final Result

Behind The Scenes

Put me in front of a few hundred people to give a presentation and I have no problem, stick me in front of one over-sized camera lens and I lose my mind.  I still remember rolling into the studio at 9 am, confident as could be with scripts memorized!  Joking with Erin about how we would be out of there within an hour, tops.

As soon as I heard the word “Action” I became frozen in time.  A complete loss for words – That camera, it just kept staring at me!  OK, this is no lie – we did not get out of there until around noon, which means it took us a little over three hours to shoot a 3-minute video!  Now I have to say this about my bride, she gave me a lot of grief while I was trying to ‘look natural’.  But rest assured, when it came time for her to “speak to the lens” she did the same exact thing, even though she had a much smaller part!   I can’t imagine what might have happened if Erin had gotten her wish to bring our Boxer, Dana, to be in the Video.  We might very well still be there!

Anyway, we were both humbled and shared a good laugh when it was all over! Erin has since begged me to do all our future videos.   Oh, and since a few of you have asked, yes, I do tend to misplace my car keys several times a week. 🙂

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