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The Calm After the Storm

After Winter Storm Jonas rushed through the Lake Norman area Friday through Saturday, the Lake became a winter wonderland! Most people being stranded at their homes took to playing outside with their kids if they had any, but most everyone decided to take a few photos of what it looked like on their side of town.

Well here at Lake Norman Mike, we decided to do the same! Only we decided to take it to the next level and bring it to the air! As the snow angels, sledding and frozen-driveway photo-taking came to a conclusion on Saturday, the sunset was truly spectacular. What made it even more special was the snow covered roofs and yards all around Lake Norman.

Check out the views we took from Denver NC. See if you recognize any of the landmarks!

If you have any photos, please feel free to let us know in the comments below, or share them with us on our facebook page:


If you would like to download these photos in high resolution for FREE, simply:
1. Head over to our facebook page (link above)
2. ‘Like’ our page.
3. Then send us a quick message requesting the Lake Norman snowy sunset views.
You can use it as a desktop wallpaper, on your phone as a background, or just to share with your nephew Harold!

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